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#Construction #Science #Learning Do you feel like you could improve your life by knowing more?
In this video, you will know what to do in order to handle any project in your life

According to science, there is a reason why 97% of the people fail to accomplish their goals in life.

That happens starting early on, by Failing at smaller projects, which as a result, could have changed their future lives for the better.

That is true, even, if these smaller projects, were not intended to change their lives at all!

This theory is called the “emotional cycle of change”


Here is the explanation of 4 stages that can change your life:

0:00 Intro
0:44 Emotional Cycle of Change
1:38 Step One
1:55 Informed Pessimism
2:29 hopeful Realism
2:56 Informed Optimism
3:23 Engaging Project to Completion
4:07 This is XPlanNation
5:26 Story Time
7:15 Outro


🔴1. First comes the uninformed optimism.

This is the stage when you know nothing about the subject, but are excited with the prospect of getting it done.

Internally you want to learn enough to get it done, so you decide to find out more about it.


🔴 2. Then you arrive at the second stage, which is called informed pessimism.

This is when you research, and try some aspects of what you are attempting to accomplish, and you realize that you suck at it! That is when you enter an emotional state that I call the emotional valley of desperation.

The majority of people just give up right here… but those who persevere, enter the last stage of this cycle, they are the ones who achieve the self confidence to handle bigger and better projects! So don’t give up.


🔴 3. Then you hit Hopeful Realism. Once you have pushed past through your doubt, but kept going anyway, — no matter what the reason was, your own desire, pressure from someone else, no other way out, — the point is, at this stage your pessimism declines.

You will feel much less anxious about your project.

With this state of mind, you are more likely to engage and solve problems that may come up.


🔴 4. The next stage is called — informed optimism.

This basically means that you have learned enough about the subject, and you realize that it is not as difficult as you first thought.

That feeling happens because you took the time to learn what, at the prior stages, seemed too hard for you.

But when you have “informed optimism”, you have a feeling that you can do it. And you can!!


🔴 5. The last stage is engaging the project to completion, implementing what you learned and actually doing it.

That is how you prove that you have faith in yourself.

This is where the cycle is reset, and you get a renewed sense of self, and you are ready for something bigger and better.

Your faith in yourself is different, because you have proven that, with patience, time and effort, you can accomplish things that you knew nothing about! Hence, true self-confidence and the confidence of others in your abilities!

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🚧 This channel is about construction, and we at X-Plan Nation, talk about psychology, because without understanding psychology, you won’t allow yourself to get to the next level.

At the second stage on the cycle of change, -there is informed pessimism- this is when we, here at X- Plan Nation channel, want to be most helpful.

You will be looking for the information for the first time, and we will Be explaining projects to you, so that you can handle it yourself, we help you through the second phase of the “emotional cycle of change”, you will get over that hump, you will feel empowered, and you will trust yourself more and do more on each project.

📢 X-Plan Nation is a Chanel created to share with you, decades of experience in construction, know-how, tools, tricks and tips.

There is nothing you could not handle knowing the details of how it’s done!

Now that you know this, have faith in yourself!


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