Social Psychologist Explains How Good Intentions & Bad Ideas Are Leading Us To Failure

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Social psychologist Jonathan Haidt researches moral psychology to help us understand ourselves and our world better. He is an expert on how we create webs of meaning that allow us to speak a common language, build institutions, and create functioning societies. And right now we may need his voice more than ever, as our webs of meaning seem to be in conflict with each other or slowly disintegrating. On this episode of Conversations with Tom Bilyeu, Jonathan Haidt explains why we need to lead with empathy, how to persuade people who have staked out very different positions from yours, and how to invite disconfirming evidence into your life.


Why are we 90% chimps and 10% bees? [2:01]
Jonathan suggests a definition of morality [4:14]
Jonathan and Tom discuss religion and spiritual, mind-opening experiences [5:53]
Jonathan explains the “hive switch”, the group experience of religion and morality [11:27]
Jonathan and Tom discuss the power of connection and group interaction [16:34]
Jonathan talks about the problems with social media and how they developed [20:18]
What makes some webs of meaning so powerful that they spread so fast? [27:57]
Jonathan and Tom ask to what extent political affiliation is genetic [33:29]
Jonathan discusses the disturbing trend towards conformity in political thought [37:18]
Jonathan and Tom discuss changing American attitudes towards race [
Jonathan talks about how hard it is to lead with empathy [46:52]
Jonathan advocates trying many approaches to dealing with problems like racism [50:30]
How do we constructively discuss difficult topics? [54:51]
Why we have to get people to focus on similarities [59:02]
Jonathan discusses his experience with psychedelics [1:03:52]
How to invite disconfirming evidence into your life–How do you know you’re right? [1:10:44]
We need to find a way to speak a common language in our post-Babel Age [1:16:27]




“Tao Te Ching” Lao Tzu
“Tao of Jeet Kune Do”, Bruce Lee
“Dancing in the Streets: A History of Collective Joy”, Barbara Ehrenreich
“Keeping Together in Time”, William McNeill
“Long Walk to Freedom”, Nelson Mandela

Emile Durkheim is mentioned often:

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Some Toughts (21)

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    added on 9 Sep, 2020

    @Tom – I play Destiny 2 as well, every single night. I have also read The Tao of Jeet Kune Do several times. On top of this I am a 2nd Degree Black Belt in Kenpo which relies heavily on Jeet Kune Do. Are we twins????

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    added on 10 Sep, 2020

    Laws of Biology. One of the main rules of biology is the Adult cells must die, so they produce new cells, children.
    They are hardwired to protect their genetic offspring “fiercely,” against all comers who may pose a survival threat.

    To the human species, their closest genetic connections are their children, their brothers and sister, cousins, Aunts and Uncles,
    and on the wider basis their tribe who have been intermarrying for generations.

    That’s what the human is programmed to protect against, all comers and all threats.
    Racism is actually a symptom of something much more deadly than just some vague dislike of skin colour, it is a symptom of the deeper underlying territorial hostility of human tribes to other tribes.

    Humans are not only in competition with other animal species for land and territorial resources, they are in competition with their fellow man.

    Animal species and human ethnic groups( tribe, races)can soon reach a low point of survival if they are driven from or lose control of land and the sustaining resources, the land provides.

    Trying to convince humans that loving other tribes and races, is more important than ensuring the survival of their own closest genetic links, their own bloodline tribe. Flies in the face of the very strong survival hardwiring, embedded in their biology for genetic immortality.

    The two big hardwired, survival instincts in every species on this planet, including the human species are:-
    1. The sexual mating instinct
    2. The territorial instinct.

    Racism( territorial hostility)
    If you think you can talk or preach love and tolerance to stop territorial tribal wars, then consider for a moment trying to use those ideas to make people totally desist from having sex.

    The intellect is a servant to what the biological wiring desires

  3. Avatar
    added on 11 Sep, 2020

    It's no less entertaining.

  4. Avatar
    added on 11 Sep, 2020

    Lots of magical thinking in this conversation. Great dialog but oversold.

  5. Avatar
    added on 11 Sep, 2020

    This man just spoke the answer to world domination from minute 4-6.

  6. Avatar
    added on 11 Sep, 2020

    The problem is that hair color does not have an identity as much as skin color does. Racism is not the pigment of our skin is our perception of people, if we had stayed naked forever we will all look the same and Hollywood is to blame for exploiting this to make profits of people’s so called “stereotypes” while at the same time sickening our communities by spreading the racism virus generation after generation.

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    added on 11 Sep, 2020

    You should do a video solely on psychedelics and people’s experiences. What you didn’t understand about “genius is a young man’s game” is Theta State where you believe anything is possible. Kids 0-7 years old do this, kids are geniuses because they turn a broom into a horse in their minds during Theta, you can achieve this at a later age but it’s a more difficult task as an adult because the mind is more of a filled sponge . That’s where psychedelics come in, they open up your mind for critical thinking and questioning . You do not just need an open mind, you need absorption.

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    added on 11 Sep, 2020

    Thanks for this conversation. It's heartening to know that I'm not going crazy and that other people in separate circles are seeing this chilling phenomenon done in the name of "justice."

  9. Avatar
    added on 12 Sep, 2020

    So glad I'm not the only one that thinks Tom is a world class narcissist. Shut up dude, let the invited guest talk.

    If we played a drinking game for each time he said "I" or "me" our livers would explode.

  10. Avatar
    added on 12 Sep, 2020

    great interview, too much monogue tho

  11. Avatar
    added on 14 Sep, 2020

    who sponsors tom's white teeth?

  12. Avatar
    added on 14 Sep, 2020

    Thank you.

  13. Avatar
    added on 16 Sep, 2020

    Frankly it's Tom's degree of ignorance/arrogance in the way he spends almost an hour and a half without realizing he's treating a social psychologist like a personal therapist that irks me (and hopefully others). As an interviewer, every second you go on about your personal life hoping for validation is a second away from a learned scholar to speak. With all due respect, change your interview MO because it takes away from the viewer coming to your channel to acquire knowledge.

  14. Avatar
    added on 16 Sep, 2020

    Please define equality of dignity and how we, as a society, are falling short in your opinions. That is quite the new term to use without a deep discussion

  15. Avatar
    added on 16 Sep, 2020

    Powerful! Thank you for being so true to your mission and sharing it with all with ears to actually hear.

  16. Avatar
    added on 17 Sep, 2020

    Awww poor Tom. Seems like the summers focus on the persecution of black people have been Very hard on him. Came here to hear JH.. wish I'd heard more of him. He was very gentle as he corrected so many shallow diatribes.

  17. Avatar
    added on 17 Sep, 2020

    Came to hear Haidt talk about sociology, instead got this guy I've never heard of talking about himself.

  18. Avatar
    added on 17 Sep, 2020

    New the channel and only subbing because you had Haidt on. Here's to hoping the rest of you content contains heavy thinkers like him.

  19. Avatar
    added on 17 Sep, 2020

    Tom, shut the hell up. Most are here to listen to Haidt. Remember great interviewers are great listeners. Ask the damn question in one short sentence and then shut up. Stop interrupting.

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    added on 18 Sep, 2020

    Concerts, particularly Heavy Metal does this for me. It's a collective of people chanting/singing lyrics, stomping feet, head banging and feeling as one.

    When covid took that away from us, and sports too that we could rally around, it likely set off that Chimp switch to become more tribal. That's how I see it.

    Sports and entertainment figures don't get it. They aren't here to lecture or guide the moral way. They are here to provide an outlet, to keep the chimps in all of us from turning on each other.

    Going woke, right or wrong, alienated a lot of people. We don't want to be lectured to, is the message. Play your damn guitar, play the damn ball game.

  21. Avatar
    added on 20 Sep, 2020

    I'm in the military and even though I hate it now and want out, i'll say being is basic training was awesome because our morale was at an all time high and we were a team and did everything as one.

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