some career paths for psych majors / for those interested in psychology

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ahh sorry this video is uploaded so so late! i’ll work on getting it up sooner from now on, took a while trying to find time to record something this weekend. i hope this video was helpful to watch, below are the resources but let me know with any other questions if you have them!

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– super helpful website overall!

– this is the national alliance on mental illness! So many great resources on this website!






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    added on 18 May, 2020

    this totally ALL i needed, thank you!! does that mean if i major in psychology and get a degree maybe i could go into a medical school and become a psychiatrist?

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    added on 19 May, 2020

    I want to go into psychopathology, you know the study of mental disorders. But is it a real job? Like what would a psychopathologist do? Would they be more like research based, or would they work with people with mental disorders/ illnesses?

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    added on 21 May, 2020

    Hey did you get a BA or a BSc degree in psychology?

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    added on 30 May, 2020

    hello. thank you for this video~ im going to be a college freshman soon, i'll be taking psychology as a pre med course cuz i feel like i cant take the other pre med courses. but i am wishing to be surgeon in the near future… can I still do that although i have psychology as a pre med course?? sorry TT i've been thinking this for a long time now and i still feel so lost…

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    added on 31 May, 2020

    Thank you so much for the video. it helps a lot. God Bless you

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    added on 17 Jun, 2020

    Heyyy would u say having a psychology degree is useful or useless xx

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    added on 24 Jun, 2020

    very helpful video, thank you! Think I will be looking in to mental health counseling.

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    added on 2 Jul, 2020

    I’m majoring in psychology because I want to work in hospitality 🙂 so glad you brought it up

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    I love you so much will you marry me

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    added on 20 Jul, 2020

    Hellooo, did you take up BA psychology or BS psychology in college? I’m really confused of the job opportunities between the two (but I’m thinking of taking up BA psychology)

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    added on 24 Jul, 2020

    could u pls help me with psychology careers with music ,,like i want to work in entertainment industry with psychology ..i want to help u think this is possibe..

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    added on 28 Jul, 2020

    Thank you ate.

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    added on 29 Jul, 2020

    I'm a highschool student RN and I'm thinking that I might be interested in psych because I like to think abt how ppl think or try to read what ppl r thinking, but I'm still not sure if it is really what I like. So can u plz tell me what made you wanted to take psych as ur major and what are the abilities u need to be in a psych major

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    added on 29 Jul, 2020

    I just finished my bachelor's in psychology and going to start my Master's in Social Work. I am planning on taking the exam. How did you studied to become a LMSW? Any books that you recommend?

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    added on 29 Jul, 2020

    I really wanna take Psychology after I graduate but my parents and relatives wants me to pursue Nursing or Pharma…. this video gives me hope to continue the plans that I'm making for my future.😭

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    added on 31 Jul, 2020

    To be honest, I think the most important thing to do for any major is networking. As long as you have good sources and references to get a good job 👍. Just make sure to talk to lots of people and internship is extremely important!!!

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    added on 4 Aug, 2020

    I totally agree with what you said. I'm a psychology major myself and LOVING every bits of psychology. We know a lot of things that can help people and it's exciting to see your contents consist of mental health topics. I'm hoping more YT creators like us will remove the stigma behind mental health completely one day. ❤️ Keep the contents coming!

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    added on 12 Aug, 2020

    hello, i am going to college this yea and i am really confused with what course to take eithe psychology or social work. i love both :(( can i take pyschology and be a social worker? bc in my hometown, there are no schools that offer social work and i can't go to any places because of the pandemic ;(( hoping to be noticed :(((

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    added on 17 Aug, 2020

    I want to go into neuroscience but I don't know how 🙁

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    added on 19 Aug, 2020

    Thank you for pointing out the fact that the degree is very diverse, I’m sick and tired of all the other videos out there saying it’s a useless degree. You’re speaking the truth. Thank you.

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    added on 23 Aug, 2020

    I'm a psychology major with no hopes of working in mental health or counseling. And trust me I know, psychology is all about counseling but I'm not really into that so much.
    The job situation I'm not too worried about though. I'm currently learning web development and I'm hoping to use my psychology and web development credentials to somehow make a second language learning website. I'm hoping to never actually see any of the customers and clients where I'll let the language learning program do all the talking.
    The only issue I'm having in my head though is, should I eventually get a job as a web developer before I go to grad school?

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    added on 3 Sep, 2020

    I am about to go into my second year of college (I am a nursing student) I want/wanted to become an RN and get a masters for midwifery, so; to work with moms and babies; however I've heard so many bad things about how mean nurses can be with the new ones, I didn't know that was a thing? So I was just looking around wondering if I should change my major or not? I don't know, I guess I also wanted to hear and outside experience: how is it working in psychology? I guess there are pros and cons about every career no? I don't know if I am getting ahead of myself for just listening to those comments about nursing (from nurses) idk

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    added on 3 Sep, 2020

    what social work masters program did you do?

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    added on 9 Sep, 2020

    I had to withdraw from my university recently and I'm still out of school… buuuut I want to go for a BA in Psychology next time (my previous course was actually Media-related haha…)

    You see, I discovered at some point that although I have a passion for 'creating things', I didn't want to study for that. That led me to rethink my academic goals and in the process, I realised that I'm super interested in Psychology! After much research and deliberation, I've decided that I want to pursue a BA/BSc in it (preferably BA, but I'll go with whichever is more ideal in the end) and then a Master's in Educational Psychology- because I want to help people who struggle with learning and that sort of thing. I feel a strong connection with this because I myself seriously struggled in school when I was younger and my teachers and parents weren't able to help me (not their fault, they just didn't understand my situation very well 💖). So I'd like to help persons who face similar difficulties- not just children and young people, but anyone of any age who needs that extra help to discover and unleash their potential ✨🥺✨

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