Spiritual Well-being and Stress Management : Religio – Psychological Perspectives ।। Day -1

3 day international webinar on Spiritual Well-being and Stress Management : Religio-Psychological Perspectives ।। organized by Bhaktivedanta Research Center in collaboration with Kolkata Society for Asian Studies
(Tentative) Programme Schedule
Welcoming all the attendees by the MC –
6pm – 6.05 pm- Inaugural speech by Dr. Sumanta Rudra, Dean, Bhaktivedanta Research Center

6.05 – 6.10 pm – Keynote speech by Dr. Ferdinando Sardella, Assistant Professor
Department of Ethnology, History of Religion and Gender Studies Stockholm University.

MC would welcome the Dr. De Basu

6:10– 6:15pm– speech by the collaborating institution KSAS. Dr. Sarmistha De Basu, Secretary KSAS
MC would name the Speaker of the 1st session and introduce the Moderator
1st session

6:15-6:18 – Moderator, Dr. Santanu Dey, Associate Professor, Department of History, RKM Vidyamandira, Belur Math, Howrah.

6:18 -6:45pm – Speaker – Prof. Tapati Mukherjee, .
Topic – The Role of Ancient Indian Religious and Philosophical Texts in a pandemic – devastated global scenario.
6:45 – 6:55pm – Question Answer session and summation of the speech
MC Naming the Speaker and declaration of the second Session.
Second Session
6:55pm- 6:58 – Moderator (Dr. Santanu Dey, )
6:58- 7:25 -Speaker – Dr. Måns Broo,
Topic – Yoga As a Spiritual Path : Some Notes from Finland
7:25 – 7:35 – Question Answer session summation of the speech by the Moderator
MC introducing the Moderator and naming the Speaker of 3rd session
3rd Session

7:35pm -7:38pm – Moderator (Dr. Sk Makbul Islam, Director, Jagannath Research Centre and Associate Professor, Department of Bengali, St. Pauls Cathedral College, Kolkata.

7:38 – 8:05pm –Swami Mahamedhananda,
Topic – Spiritual Wellbeing : The Vivekananda Way
8:05 – 8:15 – question and answer session and summation of the speech
MC naming speaker the 4th Session
4th Session
8.15 – 8.18 pm – Moderator, Dr. SK, Islam
8:18 – 8.45pm – Dr. Kenneth R Valpey
Topic – ‘Between William Blake and the Bhagavad Gita: Rebooting the Imagination of the Trobled Times’
8:45 – 8.55 – Question and answer and summation of the speech
8:55- 8:58pm – day ends – announcement for the next day.

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