Split Brain Research – Biological Psychology  – Biological Psychology [AQA ALevel]

Split Brain Research – Biological Psychology – Biological Psychology [AQA ALevel]

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Created for the requirements of AQA A level psychology. However, information should be useful for students of other psychology courses.

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Concepts covered: Contralateral organisation of the brain, corpus callosum, corpus callosotomy, Split brain studies, brain hemispheres.

Studies discussed:

Sperry, R. W. (1968). Hemisphere deconnection and unity in conscious awareness

Gazzaniga, M. S, Smylie, C. S, (1983). Facial recognition and brain asymmetries: clues to underlying mechanisms.

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    added on 3 May, 2019

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    added on 6 Jun, 2019

    Best videos ever! Thank u so much

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    added on 7 Aug, 2019

    So is the voice in your head or that gut feeling is really just the right communicating with left

    So many questions

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    added on 8 Sep, 2019

    great video, loved your eval and the bonus fact !

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    added on 18 Sep, 2019

    Mein Fuhrer ! I can walk!!

    Reading "Releasing The Lion: Rediscovering The Right Brain HEART" Quite interesting.

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    added on 22 Sep, 2019

    hey what date was this video posted? so i can reference it thanks.

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    added on 24 Oct, 2019

    So don't we have unity in our conscious awareness?

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    added on 19 Nov, 2019

    Could this be used for anxiety?

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    added on 5 Dec, 2019

    This is my favorite study I have ever learned

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    added on 4 Jan, 2020

    What's the difference between Lateralization and localization????

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    added on 31 Jan, 2020

    Strange I usually suffer a fear of social interaction. Once I passed out due to exercise. When I woke up again I found I had no fear of speaking and interacting for a time.

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    added on 15 Feb, 2020

    Who are you? You are 2.

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    added on 25 Feb, 2020

    That was incredibely helpful! I'm currently studying Biology, Psychology and RS at A- Level and sitting my A- Level exams in a few months. I was contemplating Philosphy but at the moment i'm planning on studying Psychology At Uni of Nottingham or Warwick (still awaiting feedback)! I would love to hear more about your combined Philosophy and psychology degree as that sounds very intriguing! Thank you 🙂

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    added on 4 Mar, 2020

    the upload date scares me ngl

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    added on 6 Mar, 2020

    Hey where abouts on the mind map would I put this section ?? thanks so much for these videos they really help!!

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    added on 10 Mar, 2020

    I smell you are two

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    added on 12 Mar, 2020

    Great video on a topic I am very fascinated by, but I do have one little critique: grab some royalty-free music and slap it in the background haha the silence when you’re not talking is a little jarring. But otherwise, love the video man!

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    added on 14 Apr, 2020

    As far as I could read about this subject, people with split brains do NOT report any feeling of split self. Their consciousness and mind are perceived as the same subject and unified individuality as before surgery.

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    added on 16 Apr, 2020

    Although this study is so interesting, I think it might also be the worst thing you could actually do to a human. I don't know about severe epilepsy and what it does to you, but this should be the very, very last resort. Knowing some people had this done to them, essentially splitting their conciousness, makes me feel very weird.

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    added on 5 Jun, 2020

    I wonder if you could have a conversation with the other side of your brain with drawings

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    added on 6 Aug, 2020

    I can across one of this videos at 4 in the morning… I didn’t go back to sleep lol

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    added on 9 Aug, 2020

    Do i need to know this as part of what subtopic

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