Thank You and Goodbye to My Psych Central Followers

I was recently informed that Psych Central was acquired by Healthline Media, which will be transitioning Psych Central’s content onto their own platform. Yes, that is true.
Beginning this September, we, the bloggers, will not be permitted to produce any new content, as Healthline begins to organize and curate content on Psych Central during the next couple of months. Healthline may choose to take many Psych Central articles offline, and these might include content on my blog. Therefore, the future looks uncertain.

So I decided to write this last blog post before September comes.

Let me begin at the beginning.

Early in 2018, I was given my own blog on Psych Central. I had written for them before since 2017, but being given a blog meant I would have more control over the content. So I took advantage of this opportunity and began exploring a favorite topic, fear and anxiety. I even titled the blog accordingly, calling it “Fearless: Breaking Anxiety Down.”

During these three years, I explored many topics: Fear, anxiety, anxiety disorders, cognitive behavioral therapy, mindfulness, obsessive-compulsive disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, cognitive dissonance, safety, control, somatization, communication, abuse, addiction, and most recently, exercise. I made psychology-related book recommendations, provided links to useful sites, and even asked you for suggestions about what you wanted me to cover in future blog posts.

My posts received responses from you, including notes of appreciation and criticism, questions, suggestions, and personal stories. I tried to read and respond to as many comments as possible. Sorry if your comments were missed or you did not receive a detailed reply. As you may know, I maintain a couple of other blogs and do research and writing for various clients, so lack of time is often a factor in responding to comments.

I want to thank you for having taken time out of your busy schedules to read my thoughts and respond to them, helping me become a better writer, educator, and human being. Knowing that what I was writing might have been helpful in some shape or form motivated me to write and try to think of new ways to provide something of value.

And I want to thank the Psych Central staff for having given me this opportunity. Much appreciated.

A while back, somebody asked if I had a favorite blog post. I am a bit of a perfectionist, so every blog post I look at now seems to have a lot of problems. The perfectionists among you can probably relate.

But if forced to pick, I would probably choose one of the first few blog posts. Perhaps because I can still recall the excitement I felt at the time, having so many ideas about how to produce something fresh, educational, and entertaining.

As we near the end, let me tell you I am still active online. Even though this blog will not be active, my personal blog, Fearless Psychology (, and my blog for Psychology Today ( are still active.

So follow me there. Read, comment, and say what’s on your mind, and what you want to see covered. As big as the Internet is, sometimes a good discussion of topics near and dear to our hearts can not be found anywhere. And if this topic of interest to you is something I know or can research, I would be more than happy to help you make sense of it.

Thank you again. And goodbye, from Fearless: Breaking Anxiety Down, on Psych Central.

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