THE 5 MOST INTERESTING PSYCHOLOGY STUDIES 2020 // The best studies about sleep, love, exercise …

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Psychology is full of interesting studies so today I share my 5 best psychological studies with you, all about love, sleep, exercise, bystander effect and consumer behaviour.

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In today’s video I show you my five favourite psychological studies that I know and explain the results to you. I have linked the studies below if you want to learn more about them. Make sure to comment your favourite study! I hope you enjoyed the video, if you did I would love if you subscribed as I am so close to 500 subscribers! – Ella

Bystander Effect:
Latane, B. and Darley, J.M., 1968. Group inhibition of bystander intervention in emergencies. Journal of personality and social psychology, 10(3), p.215.

Music and Consumer Behaviour:
Areni, C.S. and Kim, D., 1993. The influence of background music on shopping behavior: classical versus top-forty music in a wine store. Advances in consumer research, 20(1), pp.336-340.


Dement, W. and Kleitman, N., 1957. The relation of eye movements during sleep to dream activity: an objective method for the study of dreaming. Journal of experimental psychology, 53(5), p.339.

Hughes, S.M., Farley, S.D. and Rhodes, B.C., 2010. Vocal and physiological changes in response to the physical attractiveness of conversational partners. Journal of Nonverbal Behavior, 34(3), pp.155-167.

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    added on 29 Apr, 2020

    Which study was your favourite?

    I hope you guys enjoyed this week's video, for anyone new I post every Wednesday at 6!

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    keep it going
    im coming to Birmingham university after this corona thing ends and i would like to meet you
    your content is great

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    added on 29 Apr, 2020

    Such an interesting video! I can particularly relate to study 2 – there’s this shop near where I live which only plays classical music, and together with their branding but quite low prices also, it seems to lure people into buying a lot – myself included a couple of times, I admit ahah 🙈

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    Excellent !

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    you're so pretty I hope we can be friends..

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