The Best Psychological Thrillers On Netflix Right Now

A good thriller movie can take your mind off the anxieties of the world, and put you in the shoes of people with way bigger problems than you. Whether the threats they’re facing are deadly, supernatural, or imaginary, these thrillers on Netflix will keep you busy for a while.

Everyone knows the line, and its source is 1976’s Taxi Driver — a film that critics have spent decades hailing as one of the best films of all time.

Travis Bickle can’t sleep, and when he can’t sleep he drives his cab. He has no friends and he can’t connect with women. The increasingly paranoid Bickle sees nothing but hostility around him, and his reaction is to arm himself for a one-man war against what he sees as the crumbling society around him.

Taxi Driver is a powerful and absolutely essential film directed by Martin Scorsese, featuring early work by acclaimed actors like Harvey Keitel, Jodie Foster, Cybil Shepherd, and of course, Robert De Niro.

If you haven’t seen it, see it. If you’ve already seen it, odds are you wouldn’t mind seeing it again.

For most of 2016’s The Invitation, you’re not sure what’s real and what the characters are imagining.

The film stars Logan Marshall-Green as Will, a man still traumatized by the death of his son. He and his wife Eden divorced after their son’s death, but Will still accepts her invitation to a dinner party hosted by Eden and her new husband David.

Will doesn’t know what to make of his ex-wife’s weird behavior or the other eccentric guests, but he’s sure that there’s more going on than just a party.

The rest of the film unfolds entirely at the dinner party, with the guests acting stranger and stranger. Old friends make shocking confessions and Will’s paranoia continues to mount. Mentioning many more details would give far too much away, but we can say The Invitation is a fascinating slow-burn that plays with our social boundaries. Keep watching the video to see the best psychological thrillers on Netflix right now.


Taxi Driver | 0:00
The Invitation | 1:01
The Interview | 2:00
1922 | 2:49
Calibre | 3:34
Gerald’s Game | 4:14
The Most Assassinated Woman in the World | 5:03
The Platform | 5:51

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    added on 30 Jun, 2020


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    added on 1 Jul, 2020

    My favourites:

    A beautiful Mind
    Goodwill Hunting
    I Origins
    Shutter Island
    The butterfly effect

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    added on 1 Jul, 2020

    I had heard that taxi driver was an incredible movie prior to watching and it was a classic and a must watch. After my viewing, I was extremely disappointed. I figured the classic quote "are you talking to me" was in a fight scene or a bar or something only to be extremely let down as he was in his room talking to himself.

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    added on 1 Jul, 2020

    I've seen these Netflix Psychological Movies (w/ my ratings):
    ☑️Circle 👍👍😍
    ☑️The Voices👍👍😍
    ☑️Gerald's Game👍👍😍
    ☑️The 11th Hour👎😕
    ☑️Shutters Island👍👍😀
    ☑️A Cure For Wellness👍👍😍
    ☑️Miss Meadows👍😶
    ☑️Gone Girl👍😊
    ☑️Bottom Of The World👎😟
    ☑️Buster's Mal Heart👍😕
    ☑️Taxi Driver👍👍😍
    ☑️The Platform👍👍😍
    ☑️The Institute 👎😟
    ☑️A Ghost Story [2017]👎😟
    ☑️Open House👍😉
    ☑️Final Girl👍😉
    ☑️The Roommate👍😀
    ☑️Horse Girl👍🤔😳
    ☑️6 Balloons👍😯
    ☑️I Am The Pretty Thing That Lives In The House👎🤔😕
    ☑️When A Stranger Calls👍☺️
    ☑️The Perfection👍👍
    ☑️Secret Obsession👍
    ☑️Don't Breath👍😉
    ☑️Shut In👍😉
    ☑️The Guest👍😎
    ☑️Session 9👍☺️
    ☑️Seventh Sign👍👍😎
    ☑️Voice From The Stone👍😊
    ☑️I'm the Pretty Little Thing That's Lives🤔😬
    ☑️Black Mirror All Episodes 🤔😖👍😊😒

    To be continued….(still watching all the new stuff, as we speak)

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    added on 1 Jul, 2020

    Looper brought to you by Netflix

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    added on 1 Jul, 2020

    I didn't even know taxi driver was on netflix

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    added on 1 Jul, 2020

    1922 is no psychological thriller. One of kings worst.

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    added on 1 Jul, 2020

    Watch gone girl
    Rosamund pike performance will definitely blow your mind

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    added on 1 Jul, 2020

    martin who? how did you pronounce that?

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    added on 1 Jul, 2020

    Btw the interview is not on Netflix or they've hidden the good ones from me in favor of millennial crap.

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    added on 1 Jul, 2020

    The platform looks crazy

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    added on 2 Jul, 2020

    The Platform shows the true nature of humankind and some few who standup to bring some changes in this sik world.

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    added on 2 Jul, 2020

    I need more recent ones. Like Eli, The Perfection, Horse Girl, Before I wake etc

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    added on 4 Jul, 2020

    The best PT will be made when the plot displays a cop chasing an innocent Black man. Somebody should make a movie of the recent victims and parallel them to the most gruesome killings of blacks in the day.

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    added on 8 Jul, 2020

    fractured is good aswell

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    added on 12 Jul, 2020

    "The Invitation" is an underappreciated gem. A masterful excercise in slow-burn cinema.

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    added on 25 Jul, 2020

    Boy oh Boy, wild wild country was literally bomb…….Believe me you have never watched something like that…..Its will change you man….

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    added on 27 Jul, 2020

    Do not know why but this is my favorite movie genre since 1990's

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    added on 1 Aug, 2020

    Thank you for suggesting Geraldo game. I never finished your video last night so I came back for another suggestion.

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    added on 4 Aug, 2020

    Plenty of classics for August

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    added on 22 Aug, 2020

    Guys watch DONT BREATHE streaming on prime

    Thank me later 😊

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    added on 2 Sep, 2020

    where is mindhunter????!!!

  23. Avatar
    added on 9 Sep, 2020

    The Platform – top of the list. Loved this movie. It keeps you on toes and ends with a very strong social message. MUST MUST watch.

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