The Laws of UX – 19 Psychological Design Principles

▶︎▶︎ – Product Designer Jon Yablonski recently created an incredible website outlining the maxims principles that designers can consider when building user interfaces. It’s called Laws of UX and Jon was kind enough to give me permission to bring these principles to you in this video.

Over the next few minutes, you’ll learn the names of 19 principles, along with their origins and how to apply them.

Quick links:
00:23 – 01 Aesthetic Usability Effect
00:50 – 02 Doherty Threshold
01:25 – 03 Fitts’ Law
02:02 – 04 Hick’s Law
02:39 – 05 Jakob’s Law
03:07 – 06 Law of Common Region
03:40 – 07 Law of Prägnanz
04:21 – 08 Law of Proximity
04:38 – 09 Law of Similarity
05:00 – 10 Law of Uniform Connectedness
05:20 – 11 Miller’s Law
05:45 – 12 Occam’s Razor
06:04 – 13 Pareto Principle
06:38 – 14 Parkinson’s Law
07:02 – 15 Postel’s Law
07:29 – 16 Serial Position Effect
08:04 – 17 Tesler’s Law
08:42 – 18 Von Restorff Effect
09:13 – 19 Zeigarnik Effect

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    added on 12 Jun, 2019

    Hey, Joseph! I love the video.
    Would you mind if I translated the content and turned it into a blog post giving you your credit?
    More people need to know about it.

    Love from Brazil

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    added on 24 Jun, 2019

    Great, especially for Beginners in the Design field. Thank you.

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    added on 9 Aug, 2019

    Love that site. Would be cool to make this a series’s and go through each one and see how it can apply to a website, product and app 🙂

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    added on 24 Aug, 2019

    thank you bro for sharing.

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    added on 23 Sep, 2019

    Really hard to find good design resources at YouTube. Keep posting the good stuff. Thanks for the great video 👍🏼

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    added on 5 Oct, 2019

    02:08 Google: "We value your privacy, so give all your privacy to us. [AGREE]" :q

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    added on 7 Nov, 2019

    bruh please let me add translated captions to this video

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    added on 11 Nov, 2019

    Thx a lot for posting such videos, well organised, no useless talking. Great job, keep it up 🙂

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    added on 14 Nov, 2019

    Thank you for sharing these insights.
    You have done an excellent job in curating and executing this video.

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    added on 24 Nov, 2019

    Most wanted content for Designers.

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    added on 15 Dec, 2019

    Fabulous. Thank you

  12. Avatar
    added on 20 Jan, 2020

    8:37 pretty much how i made most of my money. just making things simple. take a non optimised solution, ask the client is what they actually wanted in the 1st place… get trimming. have cut out entire data warehouse systems for a handful of pre-made lookup key tables before.

  13. Avatar
    added on 9 Feb, 2020

    hello you are professionally using color when you design something.And i wanna be designer, i wanna ask you ,professional designer,what i have to do, because i dont know where i have to begin,give me some advaise which book is better?

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    added on 21 Feb, 2020

    Excellent, but most of ur video animations do not show relevant examples of pictures or videos to show a certain law. Better redo the animation with relevant pics & vids, then ur video woyld become popular, after that I'd love to show it to my class.

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    added on 17 Mar, 2020


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    added on 17 Mar, 2020

    You've missed IKEA affect

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    added on 26 Mar, 2020

    Great content, thanks for making this

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    What a great video Joseph. Every designer needs to watch this. 🔥😍❤️

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    What a great video Joseph. Every designer needs to watch this.

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    added on 22 Apr, 2020

    Such a good video UX designers! Thanks!

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    added on 26 Apr, 2020

    Great content! Congrats!

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    added on 2 May, 2020

    I started self-studying about designing so your video definitely made me learn some things. Subscribed immediately as I could already tell I would learn more from your other videos. Thank you for sharing with us (and to the one making the principles)!

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    added on 6 May, 2020

    This is cool

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    added on 13 May, 2020

    This was brilliant. I'll check out your courses.

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    added on 24 May, 2020

    Did some work for you folks. Go forth and search ….

    1. Aesthetic-Usabiity Effect
    2. Doherty THreshold
    3. Fitts' Law
    4. Hick's Law
    5. Jakob's Law
    6. Law of Common Region
    7. Law of Pragnanz
    8. Law of Proximity
    9. Law of Similarity
    10. Uniform Connectedness
    11. Miller's Law
    12. Occam's Razor
    13. Pareto Principle
    14. Parkinson's Law
    15. Postel's Law – Robsutedness Principle
    16. Serial Position Effect
    17. Tesler's Law
    18. Von Restorff Effect
    19. Zeigarnik Effect

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    added on 25 May, 2020

    what is your microphone for recording? thanks

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    added on 6 Jun, 2020

    This video is pointless. You are just narrating what's already on that website. No value added. You should have said that upfront. Oh, you did. But you didn't. Dark pattern found. 😛
    This would be great video if you'd have given actual examples with screenshots. Great production quality though. 🙂

  28. Avatar
    added on 7 Jun, 2020

    This is such a well made video!! Took so many notes on it. Definitely using these principles in my portfolio Thank you so much!!

  29. Avatar
    added on 8 Jun, 2020

    Heyyyy! I need those color palettes…. mind-blowing.

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    added on 24 Jun, 2020

    Thank you, Joseph. That was great, and very enjoyable! And many thanks also to Jon Yablonski for allowing you to share all that with us!

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    added on 30 Jun, 2020


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    added on 6 Jul, 2020

    What a nice voice❤️. Thank you for great explainations.

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    added on 8 Jul, 2020

    Great information and presentation! Thank you!

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    added on 9 Jul, 2020

    Good stuff. Thanks and subscribed.

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    added on 16 Jul, 2020

    Nice video.. but the examples aren't so clear.

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    added on 16 Jul, 2020

    eureka! thanks Joseph.

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    added on 18 Jul, 2020

    Wow Sir great Video on UX Principles.

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    added on 19 Jul, 2020

    Would be great to see some examples in ui. Great video tho

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    added on 11 Aug, 2020

    please remove the background music

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    added on 19 Aug, 2020

    Nice brother 🙂

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    added on 20 Aug, 2020

    these are great but without real world applications of these laws and real problem / solution examples, it's pretty pointless

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    added on 27 Aug, 2020

    This video's a goldmine c:

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    added on 4 Sep, 2020

    share your email I have business inquiry

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