The Roots of Mass Shootings: A Depth Psychological Look at Gun Violence in America (2013)

After the mass school shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, CT, in December 2013, an article by depth psychologist, Glen Slater, “The Mythology of Bullets” (which previously appeared in Spring Journal Issue 81, “The Psychology of Violence) became a key element in the search for understanding.

In the essay, Slater addresses the major mainstream issues that always arise in such devastating events: gun violence, media influence, and mental health.

However, Slater goes much deeper to look at the archetypal aspects of guns in America, how our inherent cultural roots come into play, and how the uncompromising drive of the American Dream insists we succeed at any cost.

Join Bonnie Bright with Dr. Glen Slater for an engaging and important discussion of the roots of mass shootings and the depth psychological and archetypal aspects of guns in America.

GLEN SLATER Ph.D. holds degrees in Religious Studies and in Clinical Psychology and has taught Jungian and Archetypal perspectives at Pacifica Graduate Institute in Santa Barbara for nearly two decades. Glen edited and introduced Volume 3 of James Hillman’s Uniform Edition—“Senex and Puer”, as well as a volume of essays, “Varieties of Mythic Experience” (with Dennis Patrick Slattery), and has contributed a number of essays to various Jungian publications. Glen is the film review editor at Spring Journal and a regular contributor to that publication.

BONNIE BRIGHT Ph.D. is the founder of Depth Psychology Alliance, a free online community for everyone interested in Jungian and depth psychology, and she is the Executive Editor for Depth Insights scholarly journal. She also launched, a free online listing service for depth psychology-oriented practitioners

Originally aired January 12, 2013
Approx 42 mins

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    added on 28 Oct, 2016

    Capitalism demands disposable people with disposable income to buy disposable things. For capital protection it uses fear projection and projectile weapons. Turning our earth and us into disposable objects.

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    added on 4 Feb, 2017

    mass shootings….?..Perchance these gunman are "victims" and subjected to a sick,perverse and abusive "slow kill" torture program,a.k.a."Organized Harassment" or "gangstalking". Victims of this 24/7 unrelentless and psychologically abusive torture program feel they have no escape and consequently "act out".As per the "norm" they are usually mis-diagnosed and recklessly mis-labed as mentally ill and categorically casted away into statistics.Alas these
    "perpetrators" are also victims of violence and systematically mis-understood.These "on-course" tragedies inspire and stir much needed debate.But too often these roundtable discussions on these disturbing issues re-invent the theory wheel of causes and effects inadvertantly obfuscating the real cause and origins to a percentage of these mass shootings,respectively.We all need to open our eyes wider and "see" deeper and beyond the Manufactured headlines.

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    added on 3 May, 2017

    Listen, there is something going on, and if we choose to ignore it it's just gonna get much worse. It's called Psychotronic Warfare. You think War is all about Firearms? Remember we live in 2017, this is the future, War now a days will be Electronic, psychological, chemical. Whoever is doing this is making us kill eachother.. Think about that

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    added on 19 May, 2018

    THERE IS ONLY ONE FACTOR THAT DEMANDS CAREFUL STUDY AND THAT IS ANGER. Or more accurately, REPRESSED Anger. By this, we mean anger arising routinely and chronically through numerous childhood incidents which is repressed by the individual but which continues to drive his adult behaviour UNCONSCIOUSLY.

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    added on 5 Sep, 2019

    Slater attributes the violence to a failure to succeed. I link it to a failure to be loved and accepted, for pernicious success is an addiction, a symptom of a failure to give and receive love.

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    added on 16 May, 2020

    Spoiler: Psychiatrists don't know anything.

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