This Day Is Done

You have ADHD? Me too.

I’m a writer, so my default is to write about it.

And so I have, right here at Psych Central, three times a week for nine years now.

And, I loved doing that.

It was important

I’m not just blowing my own trumpet here. I’ve had emails and comments and messages from people telling me they thought they were the only one until they read my posts.

That, is validating! And it isn’t just validating for my work or my writing ability.

The fact that there were others who felt what I felt and took the time to write to me in whatever way to tell me that, also did for me what I had done for them. I thought I was the only one for so many years.

When I was diagnosed …

I am not hiding from this. When I was first being assessed, the psychiatrist I was seeing was filling out a self reporting assessment form for me. He read off the item about finishing other peoples sentences and placed the pencil on the circle indicating the “All the time” selection and waited for me to confirm that.

I asked, “Have I been doing that?” and he replied, “Well, it is part of your disorder.”

Those words!

Those words, “your disorder” were the first official confirmation of my ADHD.

I immediately teared up. A fifty year old man, and I came close to sobbing. Seriously.

Since then, I imagine

This may be a bit pompous of me, but I’ve imagined others reading the words I write to describe what I live through, and upon recognizing their own lives in them, having a similar reaction.

I’m not living under the pretense that I’m some great writer or that I’m leading my people into the light.

I’ve honestly wished and hoped that these writings would help people. I’ve hoped they would find a starting place for their quest to figure out their lives.

But, all things that start

What goes up must come down, and all things that start must find their ending.

This post then, is the end of my ADHD Man Of DistrAction blog for 2020. It is quite likely the end of the blog for ever, there is no certainty and the new owners are not bothering to keep me informed as to any potential posting in the future.

So, should they reanimate this blog in 2021, I’ll see you all then. But if not, then this is goodbye.

I’ll still be around on social media, you could find me on twitter @writeofwaydotca or you can find me on Facebook and say hi if you like. You can even write to me at [email protected] and I’ll respond as soon as I check my mail. And I’d be happy to hear from you any time in any of those ways.

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