Thomas Moore on Alchemical Psychology (2016 James Hillman Symposium)

Thomas Moore is an American psychotherapist, former monk, and writer of popular spiritual books, including the New York Times bestseller “Care of the Soul” (1992). He writes and lectures in the fields of archetypal psychology, mythology, and imagination. His work is influenced by the writings of Carl Jung and James Hillman. Moore is a Fellow at the Dallas Institute of Humanities and Culture.

During the James HIllman Symposium we explored Volume 5 of Hillman’s UNIFORM EDITION, Alchemical Psychology, at the Dallas Institute of Humanities and Culture on Friday/Saturday, October 28th and 29th 2016. Friday highlights included talks by influential scholars, dinner and a special appearance by magician Tom Verner, a close friend of Hillman. His performance-presentation encircles the notions of alchemy, magic, and psychology. The symposium continued Saturday with a full day of sessions, (Thomas Moore’s lecture here) and concluded that evening with a lively celebration attended by all registrants and speakers. See James Hillman Symposium dot com for more information.

Founding Fellow James Hillman was instrumental in the creation of the Dallas Institute of Humanities and Culture, which still resonates with his influence. Hillman’s contributions to the humanities were many and profound, none more remarkable than his formulation of Archetypal Psychology, which he named in 1970 and focused his work upon until his death in 2011. To honor Hillman, the Institute initiated in 2012 this annual program aimed at exploring the rich depths of his lifelong study of—in his own words, a “psychology deliberately affiliated with the arts, culture, and the history of ideas, arising as they do from the imagination.”

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    added on 15 Sep, 2017

    To return to the the quote at the beginning of Hilllman's essay on Al chemical Blue, "The Soul.. the Soul, disappears into the shape of things".. Robert Kelly, The Blue..

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    added on 15 Sep, 2017

    Or to return to the quote by Nietzsche, from Richard Tarnas's essay on The Role of Astrology In a Civilisation in Crisis.. "The world is deep.. deeper than day can comprehend".. or to the quote by Heraclitus at the beginning of the book titled A Blue Fire: Selected Writings by James Hillman, "Joints: Whole.. not-Whole, connected-separate, consonant-dissonant"..

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    added on 28 Dec, 2017

    Discovering the First Matter, 'the raw material' can be seen as the inherited sins we are born into, the society and culture,  and all their shadows. The first stage of spiritual unfoldment is to discover our bondage,   our feelings of sorrows, emptiness , numbness  isolation, loneliness    and pains, both physical and emotion. Here lies the 'raw material' the Lead ready to be turned into Gold!

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