Today I Love Catching The Wind

Wisdom from coffee

Today I love catching the wind like the sails of a ship and letting it take me forward, it pushes, I steer, progress is made. I love that time is a wind that blows easily through our lives and once we learn not to fight it, it’s easy to harness it to get us where we’d like to be in the next moment, the next day, the next week or month or year. I love that I have grown to regret none of my time spent thus far and intend to maintain that lack for a good long while yet. I love that I have learned to throw myself into many things, work when it suits, play when it is an option, the water when it’s time to swim, the game when it’s time to golf or curl. I love that I have a memory of my mother buying me a hand held windmill and I held it near the car window all the way home so that it spun, but not too hard, and it was the most beautiful thing I’d ever seen in all of my three and a half years of life and I remember that I watched it turn like that for the whole twelve miles home; never was I that sad to get home. I love that I swore I would take that windmill with me every time we rode in the car, I wonder what happened to it? I love that I imagine children that age being enthralled with such things, though I suspect that we don’t offer such things these days, everything now comes on a screen. I love that I have this wealth of memories. I love that I can remember my phone number from my childhood, even though I can’t remember my partner’s number now.

Today I love getting ready to get groceries. I love that yesterday I started out slowly and once I got moving I managed to make four loaves of bread, two whole wheat and two banana bread. I love that today I’ll be making supper and I’m hoping to make enough to last a few days. I love that we always seem to have just the right amount of food to keep us going. I love my crazy plan to make sausages soon. I love my mad kitchen adventures.

Today I love August flowers. I love laundry on the line ’til noon, ’cause the rain is coming. I love that I am bouncing around mentally today quite a bit, but I’m going to be doing some purposeful things soon and that will likely focus me. I love that I recognize my state of mind with a lot more clarity these days.

Today I love my morning coffee when it answers all my questions, though admittedly it often answers them with more questions, coffee can be a jerk like that sometimes.


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