Today I Love Continuity

Stalking my coffee by the stock pot

Today I love continuity, the kind I have had with Psych Central for nine years now. I love that our relationship was always professional and honest. I love that Doctor John Grohol seems to be happy about his sale of this platform and I hope he enjoys the future that will undoubtedly be full of memories of the work he has done here. I love that I am hopeful that this is not goodbye to the team at Psych Central, though there is no information yet on what the site will look like in the coming days and years. I love that there is, in my opinion, no way to improve on this site from a reader’s or user’s point of view, it has always been a place of integrity and honest help for those in need of knowledge and support and it would do well to pick up where it’s last owners left off and carry on in their image, but I cannot say that that will happen, I can only hope. I love that as of 8 days ago, “Today I Love …” was carried on this platform every day for five years, Five Freaking Years! I love that come September, “Today I Love …” will be written on Facebook, as it was originally, on a daily basis, until Psych Central resumes publishing new work in 2021, or until such time as a new platform is found for it. I love that I have loved every minute I have spent working on this blog.

Today I love cleaning up my kitchen, making everything organized and putting everything in its place. I love that there are things that still do not have a place and we are slowly finding out the best arrangement for all the stuff. I love that I keep contemplating new things for my kitchen and my partner’s eye rolling muscles are getting great exercise and regular workouts, I suspect she could roll her eyes in her sleep after having lived through this renovation with me.

Today I love my crazy desire to hang my paella pan on a wall somewhere, but I’m seriously having trouble identifying a wall that would work. I love that there is a giant pot of stock on the cooktop simmering away. I love that I have veggies to shop for today, though I’m feeling rather restricted by the fact that we are going to the market on Saturday and I would hate to be unable to buy veg that is there because I’d already fully stocked the pantry, so I will have to restrain myself somewhat.

Today I love drinking coffee while I write my post and contemplate the freedom that I’ll be experiencing for at least the next four months.


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