Today I Love Holding On

Coffee is good while it lasts …

Today I love holding on to moments that comfort me. I love that this past weekend was so much fun, friends and family in my presence even if not all of them were in my immediate bubble, still they were all within talking distance and we talked. I love that the weekend included cooking as always, but this time there were lots of people cooking in different places and they all brought food together at the cottage and there was several great meals. I love that it included writing as always and that it also lent itself to writing with all the positive vibes that were a part of it. I love that we swam so often, including a relaxing plunge in the bay yesterday that cooled me down and kept me going when I got overly heated by the humid and sunny afternoon. I love that we got some more tile samples for our kitchen backsplash, though I’m starting to think that our best bet would be to get a bunch of discontinued sample tiles and cut and piece them all together in a collage of madness, it would be busy, but it would also be conversation inspiring. I love that I only need to do that in my mind, and that I can live happily with whatever tiles we choose. I love that if I had the money I’d be off to Spain to find the exactly perfect Mediterranean tiles with crisp white fields and shimmering indigo and splashes of golden yellow and rich crimson and fiesta medium green.

Today I love sitting on the front porch while I write. I love that I always come back to this. I love that I will always write the things I love every day for as long as I can because doing so has taught me so much about myself and about writing and about life. I love that writing about what I love has helped me look around at my life, helped me be present in it, helped me discover what is positive and even helped me view things I had judged harshly before in a more positive light. I love that no matter where these things are written down, on Facebook for the first few years, here now, and wherever they appear in the future, this will be my touch-base for the rest of my life.

Today I love the soft summer days that are left. I love that this weekend past was our festival weekend here in my little city of arts and though it was not what it has been in years past, we managed to do what we could and I loved every minute of it. I love that my part was small, but that it was the job I would have wished for if I’d needed to wish instead of it being offered to me. I love that I am going on record right here and now as saying, “Hey, if we ever do a live radio show for Summerfolk ever again, I’ll do that!”

Today I love coffee on the front porch, laundry on the line, coming down from the weekend’s high of joy and fun, and just being here in this moment of peaceful contemplation while I write … oops, need more coffee.


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