Today I Love My New Life

See you later …

Today I love my new life now that I do not have to create new blog posts for one place any more, at least not for the next little while, I’m calling it a vacation. I love that for the near future I no longer have to write in American and I can return to writing in my native tongue, Canadian, complete with all the U’s that that involves. I love that despite the fact that the American version of neighbourhood and colour and favourite may well be shorter, each by one letter, they all feel unfinished to me when I write them without the U in the proper place. I love that I have been writing in American for nine years and feel like I have become quite fluent, and yet leaving Psych Central feels like I’ve finally been allowed to exhale for this one silly reason alone. I love that at least once every year I would contemplate how much longer I could continue to write for them about ADHD and every time I thought about it I would shake my head and tell myself I had lots still to say on the subject and that I would keep going as long as they would keep paying me. I love that I had that very conversation with myself just four weeks ago during contract negotiations, and once again reaffirmed my intention to carry on. I love that they blinked first.

Today I love that there are people who have wished me well and I accept their good wishes. I love that there are people in this world who look out for those who work for them, keep them informed of what is happening and do not let them get suddenly broadsided by changes that affect their lives. I love that I will be looking for work with an organization of that calibre again, since I have experienced both working for those types of organizations and the ones that do not measure up to that and I much prefer the ones who turn out to care enough to keep me in the loop. I love that working for people who care is always better for one’s mental health.

me and my coffee
Hello coffee!

Today I love that if you can’t find my “Today I Love …” posts on Facebook for whatever reason, you have my permission to imagine me at the cottage any time of the year, visiting the market on Saturday mornings, going to musical events, talking on the radio, cooking in my kitchen, sitting quietly in my recliner and writing while the rain falls or the sun shines, while the laundry rumbles or the stock pot bubbles or the roomba roams the floors or the birds call out to me or the children pass by laughing on their way to or from school, because that is most likely what will be going on in my life and you can make up words I might use to describe those things.

Today I love drinking coffee and wishing you all well, and hoping that we meet again somewhere. Today I love you all, it’s been a slice, I’m your biggest fan. I love that this is not me saying goodbye, it’s just me saying … “Hello, coffee.”


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