Today I Love The Bustling Market

We’ll take the low road

Today I love the bustling market on a damp and blustery Saturday morning. I love that it is thriving and busy, our very own Owen Sound Farmers’ Market is alive and seems to be doing well and that is good news for the longest running farmers’ market in South Western Ontario with over a century of history. I love that the folks at the kitchen counter in the market building called out to me to tell me that they were making breakfast sandwiches again and so next week I’ll be there, unfed and hungry, and holding them to their word. I love that they recognized me as a regular after all these months of pandemic restrictions that meant I had to eat at home before going to the market and that there were times when I couldn’t even go to the market because it too was closed. I love that there have still been no deaths from the pandemic here in my twin counties, if I’ve said that before that’s too bad, ’cause it’s worth a lot of love. I love that as soon as we got home from the market it started to rain, so I’m glad it held off that long and I hope that the marketers manage to get there business done as quickly as possible if it doesn’t clear up soon.

Today I love that we’re on our way to the cottage right now in the rain to visit with the folks that are staying there. I love that we were invited to come over. I love that I’m writing on the road, it reminds me of the road trips we were taking a year ago where I would write furiously in the car and then as soon as I was done we’d find a spot to pull over and switch and I would then drive calmly the rest of the way, having expended all my furiousness on words. 😉 I love that the driver of the car today is that same good driver that used to start our road trips for us while I wrote and she is a calm and cautious creature that I feel safe riding with always.

Today I love that there was a plethora of good things at the market and a part plethora of those good things came home with us. I love that we got onions and potatoes and fish and carrots and puff ball and squash and lots of smiling eyes and happy greetings among other things. I love that we always look forward to our coming meals after we’ve been to the market. I love that we have had a little conversation about our route and we’ve decided on the Low Road that has no winter maintenance because we can and because it is a lovely old road that feels like you’re driving through the 1800’s and that feels like the time that I grew up and it’s in the area where I grew up so that thrills me.

Today I love sipping my coffee while I write and while we drive through the low road on our way to the cottage.


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