Today I Love Thoughts Of Liberty

I run on COFFEE!!!

Today I love thoughts of liberty that wash over my mind and remind me of how free I was to write what I pleased when this blog was on Facebook as daily status updates. I love that in two days that liberty will be realized once again as Psych Central shuts down to new blog content as of September one and I wave farewell to the old and wonderful place of employment that housed my words for nine years. I love that this blog has gotten more travel from being here in the five years of its life at Psych Central and that has made up for the lack of liberty I’ve experienced in writing it for an audience that is less local to me and less acquainted with me. I love that my hope is that those who followed this blog got to know the me I’m referring to in little ways and though you mostly will not know me as well as some of my people with whom I congregate and work with, if I have done my job well you will know me well enough. I love that this blog was all about sharing the part of me that has learned to look for the good in life and that part of me has been my salvation. I love that I survived many things well because of the attitude this blog fosters in me and I urge you to consider writing down the things you love daily as a practice for your life and its ongoing goodness.

Today I love that I have decided to write tomorrow’s blog as if it were one of my original “Today I Love …” posts on Facebook; it might not work well, but I have decided to start my liberty with tomorrow’s post and if you come back for that tomorrow you’ll see what my liberty will mean if I am able to return to that style of writing successfully in just one day. I love, by the way, that this is almost the end of August despite that meaning the coming end of summer here in the northern hemisphere. I love Autumn so that bothers me not at all. I love summer still and refuse to waste the last of it in bemoaning its passing, because unlike death, it is just going on its break and will return, all the seasons work a similar shift, three months on and nine months off, sort of a maternity leave, long enough to give birth to another round of their own weather.

Today I love that I seem to be rather wordy this morning, and that’s too bad, I have things to say and space to write them down in so here they are. I love that we fried up the most amazing breakfast today, eggs, potatoes with onion and mushrooms, honey garlic sausages, the meatiest tomatoes from our own garden and all served up with a side of toast made from homemade bread and slathered with homemade jam, damn that was good stuff! I love that we slept in, had coffee in bed, and ate late, all with the intention of having no lunch, an early supper, and a decent sized evening snack. If we don’t watch out we might start eating continental suppers at eight or nine and that would be just fine with me ’cause I will always accept an adventure no matter the scale or size.

Today I love my partner, my home, my life, my work, and the glorious and wonderful drink that continues to fuel me onward and ever into more adventures, yay for coffee!


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