Understanding Anxiety With Gargi Chauhan||Clinical Psychologist|Mental Health Series||Sagarika Joshi

We are all familiar with the word Anxiety. We have used it so much that we almost forgot to understand the actual meaning of it.
I feel grateful to be able to talk to amazing people about mental health and share it with you.
In this video, hear Gargi Chauhan and I talk about Anxiety and everything that revolves around it.
Gargi is a clinical psychologist. She has written and presented her papers in National Conferences and has been on the field for quite some time. This is the part 1 of our three episode series where we will talk about some mental health issues and their treatment. Listening to Gargi was therapeutic for me and I am sure it will be the same for you.

0:00 – Introduction
2:40 – What does a psychologist do?
3:30 – Anxiety and Depression
4:37 – What is Anxiety?
Types of Anxiety Disorders:
6:01 – Generalised Anxiety Disorder
7:28 – Social Anxiety Disorder
8:53 – OCD
10:06 – Types of obsessive thoughts
10:50 – OCD cycle
12:15 – Panic Attack
15:33 – Anxiety Relief Techniques
Stay tuned for the upcoming videos!
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    Here for Gargi ❤️

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    Proud of my daughter & her companion for this initiative. Keep it up.

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    Amazing work. This is so much needed in this world, the correct information.

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    Very nice maam🥰

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