What Was American Functionalist Psychology?

A short history of the origins of American Functionalist Psychology, from Chauncey Wright, through William James and John Dewey, to James Rowland Angell (~1870 to ~1910).

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    added on 6 Feb, 2009

    It was a bit of a joke among the members precisely because they were all rather suspicious of traditional (Idealist) metaphysics.

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    added on 4 Sep, 2009

    great video, thank you! you help me to understand American Functionalist Psychology.

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    added on 22 Oct, 2009

    why american. your overly proud of america

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    added on 22 Oct, 2009

    No, actually I'm in Canada. It is "American Functionalism" because it was a form of functionalism (the term has been used many times by many movements in many sciences) that originated in the US. The main thing I wished to distinguish it from was "computational functionalism" which was (is?) an unrelated late-20th-century movement in cognitive science.

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    added on 7 Sep, 2010

    Great! I'm teaching on this today in my psych 101 class. I like the bat in the background of some of the scenes lol. Only suggestion would be to use a tripod so it doesn't bounce.

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    added on 15 Sep, 2011


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    added on 18 May, 2012

    There's no such thing as overly proud of America

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    added on 11 Apr, 2013

    I'm glad you found them helpful.

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    added on 11 Apr, 2013

    I was actually aiming for a hand-held style.

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    added on 26 Oct, 2019

    Nice video! Thanks. It is very funny that you switch backgrounds and outfits all the time, though.

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