“Why Is My Family Always Fighting?” Intergenerational Trauma

Intergenerational trauma is a rare topic for mainstream society.

Sadly, that’s one of the reasons why a lot of families continue to suffer throughout generations.

Do you have a family that seems to have problems throughout generations and display ingrained patterns of behavior?

If so, you are not alone. In fact, these ingrained patterns may be a sign of intergenerational trauma.

In today’s article (and short video), I will be discuss this concept further.

Understanding intergenerational trauma is essential to understanding what components of yourself may need to be healed. You may be noticing patterns of behaviors in your own life or perhaps in the life someone close to you. There may be a good reason for these patterns that require closer observation.

I tend to define inter-generational trauma as:

“a traumatic event that began years prior to the current generation and has impacted the ways in which individuals within a family understand, cope with, and heal from trauma. ”  SOURCE:

Signs of intergenerational trauma discussed in this video includes:
-Content mindset
-Intra-personal issues
-Maintaining the status quo
-Downward Spiral of economic mobility
-Defense Mechanisms
-Repeated patterns of unhealthy behaviors
-Repeated parent-child conflict (including adopted and step)
-Life-long emotional and psychological issues
-Unresolved psychiatric need

For a detailed explanation of signs of inter-generational trauma, watch my most recent video here:

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